Since 1993, the Portneuf Greenway Foundation has hosted RiverFest (voted the best summer fundraising event two years in a row) on the last Saturday in June. This exciting and important fundraising and community event requires the effort of countless volunteers. Some of the ways you can participate are:
  • Securing raffle prizes
  • Promotion of Riverfest by designing posters, writing press releases, etc.
  • Recruiting and organizing our vendors.
  • Taking gate receipts the day of the event.
  • Setting up the park for the event.
  • Staffing the park the day of the event.
  • Selling raffle tickets.
When is RiverFest: August 17, 2013 11AM-10PM
When is help needed: Day of Event and May- August (planning the event)

If you are interested in helping out with either of these events,
please call the Greenway Foundation office at 234-GWAY.
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