This trail is in honor of Paul Abraszewski.  Paul's widow, Lee, raised $45,000 for this trail.  Her first choice of location was on the Portneuf River levee beginning on Bannock Highway behind the Sandtrap Grill to Tech Farm Road.  Due to an easement issue the trail was moved to the other end of the system.  The trail was built in 2011 and parallels Hoku Way off of Kraft Road.  Lee has placed a canoe sculpture on the trail as well as a cross buck fence.  The fence was funded by the Ifft Foundation and serves to separate the trail from the road.  Another unique feature on this trail is the wooden seat in the middle of the trail.  This seat was made out of a tree stump.  More landscaping is coming in the future.  Funding for paving was furnished by the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation.

Lee Abreszewski and Pawel's father, Andreij Abreszewski. Memorial stone on the Abrewszewski Trail bench.


This trail was entirely funded by Wayne and Pam Taysom.  It also set the record for the fastest trail built.  In only five days it went from grass to paved trail.  Thanks to Superior Paving, who donated the asphalt and the labor for paving.  This trail connects the Maag Shadyside Trail and the AMI/Kirkham Trail.  It also is part of the longest continuous trail and measures almost 4 miles from the beginning of the Red Hill Trail to the end of the AMI/Kirkham Trail.

The Taysom Trail before the improvement project. The Taysom Trail after the paving.

The Jim Rogers trail has been graded and graveled.  The summer of 2011 will see this trail paved thanks to funds from the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation. This stretch continues where Edson Fichter leaves off.  It is right along the river and runs to Juniper Hills Golf Course.  This trail was made possible by the generosity of Jim Rogers.  The Greenway appreciates the hard work of all concerned to get this trail started.

Swimming hole on the Jim Rogers Trail. Jim Rogers Trail.

Thanks to the generous support of ACON and JK Merrill, we cut and graveled new trail above the cemetery at the base of Red Hill Rd to improve user experience of this trail, and to bring the trail away from the cemetery storage areas.

Red Hill
New gravel along Red Hill trail

The Brennan Trail runs along the east side of the Portneuf River near N. Main St., across from Sacajwea Park. It links to Sacajawea Park with a pedestrian bridge across the Portneuf, and was made possible thanks to the generosity of Kathleen Brennan and her family.

Ready for paving

We are working with landowners and the City of Pocatello to bring a trail along the east side of the Portneuf River, north of Raymond Park and Irving High School. Completion of this trail, which will run north to where N. Main Street crosses the Portneuf River, will create a 2+ mile loop trail on the north side of Pocatello. The trail will provide great opportunities for watching wildlife along the river (which is not canalized at this point).

Future site of the Sacajawea Loop Trail
The trail will run along the Portneuf River, north of town

Last year we put out The Greenway Guidebook´┐Ż this year we're focusing on helping you identify Greenway trails on the ground. We are identifying key sites for directional signage to help keep you from getting lost.

Completing the Maag-Shadyside Trail brings Pocatello one step closer to having a continuous off-street Greenway Trail from ISU to Cheyenne Crossing. This wonderful stretch of trail winds along 4th Avenue from Barton Road south to Avenue of the Chiefs and the AMI trailhead. Thank you to Greg and Kathy Maag and the City of Pocatello for helping bring this trail to fruition.

Sod removed for the Maag Shadyside Trail
City employees create the trail

Utilizing proceeds from the Portneuf Greenway Foundation's Winter Partnership Celebration Dance, the Portneuf Greenway Foundation and Centennial Rotary Club revamped the City Creek Trailhead. The entrance was widened, the parking area graveled and landscaped with native seeds (courtesy of Gipsy Gardens) and jack rail fencing was installed. These much needed improvements provided a welcomed face lift to one of Pocatello's most heavily used trailheads.

An improved entrance to City Creek
New fencing at the City Creek Trailhead

Centennial Rotary Club again led the effort to finish landscaping Bistline Partnership Corner at the corner of Arthur and Benton. Stop by this xeriscaped park to learn about some of the rocks in the Portneuf Valley, the history of the Greenway Trail, or to enjoy a picnic lunch under one of the trees, or on the donor benches. Josh Sprague's (of the Red House Studio) wagon wheel sculpture centers the park and reminds visitors of the effort it took the Pioneers to reach Pocatello. A huge thank you to the many donors over the years who contributed to transform this city parcel from "The Ugliest House in Pocatello" to a beautiful downtown park. In particular, this transformation would not have occurred without leadership donations from Beverly Bistline, Simplot, and the IFFT Foundation.

Hard at work
A new sculpture and artwork grace
the south end of Old Town
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