The Jim Rogers trail has been graded and graveled.  The summer of 2011 will see this trail paved thanks to funds from the Portneuf Healthcare Foundation. This stretch continues where Edson Fichter leaves off.  It is right along the river and runs to Juniper Hills Golf Course.  This trail was made possible by the generosity of Jim Rogers.  The Greenway appreciates the hard work of all concerned to get this trail started.

Swimming hole on the Jim Rogers Trail.
Jim Rogers Trail.

Due to the inability to obtain a 100 foot easement, the abraszewski Trail has changed locations.  The City of Pocatello acquired some land across from the Great Western Malting Plant just off Kraft Road.  This stretch has been graded and graveled.  Next summer it will be paved.  Many thanks to past Mayor Roger Chase for letting us build this trail on City property.  Also many thanks to current Mayor Brian Blad for honoring the agreement made with Mayor Chase.  The Greenway has and always will appreciate the partnership we have with the city.

Photo of a portion of the Abraszewski trail
Crossbuck fence on the Abraszewski trail
Photos of the new crossbuck fence at the Abraszewski trail.
Bench by Doug Warnock Flowers at the Trailhead


The spring of 2011 saw more rainfall in Southeast Idaho than we have seen in many years.  The Portneuf River flooded many low-lying areas, including portions of the Sacajawea Trail.  The water has now receded and repair of the flood damage is underway.  Here are some photos of the flood damage on the trail.

Flood damage to the Sacajawea trail

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