The Portneuf Greenway Foundation relies on your tax-deductible donations in order to improve the Portneuf Greenway trail system each year.

The Portneuf Greenway trail system not only preserves open space along the Portneuf River, but also enables each of us (whether on bike, foot or wheelchair) to enjoy the beauty within the Portneuf Valley. Help us create over 13 miles of continuous Greenway Trail through Pocatello and the Portneuf Valley with a gift that reflects your commitment to preserving this important piece of nature's beauty, right in Pocatello.

Become a member or send in a gift today. Just print out and complete our donation or membership form, and mail it to us at the address below. Your generous support will help continue to create and improve the Portneuf Greenway for years to come!

If you use this link to make a donation for a specific event or memorial,

please contact Tamara Code with instructions about the donation.

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